Cursed Crown – Chapter 2

Kyuhyun couldn’t lie to himself. He knew that he’s indeed mesmerized by the beauty of the Snowelf prince he just sees this close, no more than a meter distance. This afternoon, he could only steal a glance to the boy, but here, he can see him clearly. No wonder they are called Snowelf, just look at the soft, snow white skin—cold like a drop of snow fallen from the sky.

Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: PG-15
Warning: MPreg, BL

Miinalee and Dndthecat collaboration


 Hviturland: White Land, a northern land covered with eternal snow. Inhabited by fairies and ruled by Snowelf Race – snow fairy.


Radourland: Red Land, a tropical land which rules the western area and crossed by the equator. This biggest land of all is inhabited mostly by carnivorous demon and lead by Wolf race.


Svarturland: Dark Land, located on the east and covered by swamps, jungles, caves, deserts, and volcanoes. This barren land is home of monsters such as troll, ogre, etc. Ogre rules the land.


Graentland: Green Land, fertile and occupied by Herbivorous demons and humans together. The land is ruled by the human race.


Blarland: Blue Land, the largest area consisted of ocean, sea, lake, river, and coastal land. Home of all water species; mermaid, kraken, fishman, etc. Mermaid race is the leader.






Cursed Crown – Chapter 2






“Come home before the sun sets, or you’ll regret it my son.” 

Kyuhyun snorted. He’s angry at himself. Even though he was determined to ignore the Snowelf kid’s presence before, he still comes back. They’ve just met today and Kyuhyun has no responsibility whatsoever toward him. Strangely, his father’s threat keeps haunting his mind. Damnit… Why does he have to be bothered?

Kyuhyun kicked a small rock under his foot, trying to direct his anger on it. It’s so unbelievable for him to be affected but now…

It’s not the time for sunset yet and Kyuhyun is standing in front of the kingdom’s gate already. There’s a small voice who keeps pushing him to go inside, but on the other hand… his ego stopped his move.

“No need to be shy, Kyu.”

Kyuhyun was startled of the voice he heard behind his back. Without any need to turn his head, he already knew whom the voice belongs to. 

“Appa is sure that you’ve been impatient to see your future mate, ne? Come in, he’s in your room now.” 

The youngest child snorted again, answering his father’s words with a disgusted face while walking away; trying to avoid Kangin teasing him further.

But it was not easy. Kangin smirked before opening his mouth to speak again—

“Your sisters are greeting him. Be patient a bit longer, probably around five or ten more minutes.”

Kyuhyun was taken aback, his eyes widened and he turned back to look at his father. “You let noona meet the kid in there?”

“Huh? What’s wrong with that?” Kangin was pretending as if he didn’t get it whereas deep down he’s actually cheering in success seeing the way his son responded.

“Aish—” Kyuhyun was irritated; losing any desire to answer his father back. His heart is pounding nervously but he covered up well, making a disgusted face again. “Why are you letting them in my room? What will you do if they’re chewing the boy on my bed!” He snarled before running to his room.

Kangin smiles, letting his son run into the kingdom. One thing Kyuhyun doesn’t realize is that Kangin knows his own son way too much. That’s what makes him laughed.

“Is it really your room and bed you’re worrying of, Kyuhyun-ah?” He asked to himself. Kangin then started to walk, following his son who has been gone for a while.

The king smirked. He had decided that his plan will not wait for long. Everything must start from now on.










 Kyuhyun slammed the door open roughly. A drop of sweat rolled down off his face. The furs that was covering his body were shrinking slowly then vanished. He’s not quite tired of running to his room far in the corner of the kingdom because he was in his wolf form. Kyuhyun is confused too, why does he have to transform just to reach his room faster and only to find—


His head frowned. His room is all quiet but a small sobs heard from the bed covered with net curtains. He looked here and there, trying to find blood or any remnant of torture. Kyuhyun walked closer to the bed.

And there, on the very corner of the bed, is a small figure cowering and hugging himself. Kyuhyun sighed; somehow feeling relieved finding the snowelf prince in one piece without losing anything but his thick coat.

He then cursed under his breath which somehow startled the little prince who was too absorbed in the middle of his crying. The boy didn’t raise his head at all. He just cowered even more to the back and hugged himself tighter.

Realizing that he was tricked by his father, Kyuhyun snorted angrily. He was ashamed. He should have known that his father was trying to get a reaction out off him and he was foolishly tricked. The crown prince didn’t want to admit it but there was a rush of fear in his blood when he heard the boy was with his cold-blooded sisters; imagining the frail body and the pretty face getting torn apart and eaten so cruelly—Kyuhyun is used to it but not this one… he couldn’t even think about it.

It was good this kid is still alive. Kyuhyun turned his back; intending to leave the room. He’ll find another room to sleep in, today, the day after that, the next, and until forever. He will NOT touch the boy even if his father cries bloody tears. It’s his stupid father’s fault for not choosing a right mate for him. A proper and mature mate, then probably Kyuhyun will think over his desire to have him trying for another child. But not with someone so young. Kyuhyun couldn’t even imagine if it were his daughter who have the same fate as the boy. No, he won’t stoop so low.

The prince is about to reach the door when suddenly they were closed by itself.




Kyuhyun’s eyes widened and gasped when he heard a voice chanting a kind of spell from the outside. The king’s magician! Kyuhyun also heard his father’s voice commanding something.

“Oh, no.” Kyuhyun tried to open the closed door but failed. It won’t budge. The door was glued to the wall like a piece of rock.

Kyuhyun turned and saw the windows open. But before he could take a step from his spot…


They’re also ended up like the door.

“DAMN IT!” He growled in annoyance, hitting the door hard as his victim of anger. The door won’t react to the impact but someone did.

“Uhnn!” a startled whine came from the bed.

Kyuhyun sighed and glanced at the figure behind the curtain. The boy was trembling, his cries became muffled sobs; afraid of someone hearing him and coming closer to him. Kyuhyun opened the curtain which made Sungmin startled and hid his face in reflex. His cries are getting louder uncontrollably. He’s trying to hide and protect himself by cowering, hugging himself with his nails biting on his arms and left some scratches on his skin.

“Yah, shut it! I will not eat you! You’re so skinny and you won’t make me full!” Kyuhyun barked at him flatly then closed the curtain back roughly. The boy was thinking that he’ll eat him, Kyuhyun could smell the thick fear lingering in this room.

And he doesn’t know why, but he’s slightly irritated that Sungmin think about him that bad, even more than when the boy shows so much fear of him. Fear smells sweet—though Kyuhyun dismissed his animalistic instinct easily.

Kyuhyun sits on a chair across the bed lazily. He still can see the boy behind the curtain, so small, so fragile, and so cute. His cries slowly stopped. The boy is probably tired crying for hours. After half an hour, there’s no more noise but wolf howls and cricket sounds. Kyuhyun was tempted to get up and get close to the boy. Unconsciously, Kyuhyun found himself beside the bed. He swiped away the thin curtain.

There’s no response, no cries, no smell of fear, or the sound of chattering teeth. The boy’s still in his previous position and posture but calmer and quiet. His heart was fluttered, there is a strange rush which tickled him, bringing out reminiscence and longing of his daughter—who should be around this big if she was alive.

Kyuhyun smiled sadly. He’s staring at the crouching boy with a gentle expression. After a while, Kyuhyun climbed to the bed, getting closer to Sungmin carefully, trying not to disturb the sleeping boy.

While holding his breath, Kyuhyun lifted Sungmin’s body. He put the kid in the middle of the bed, in the most comfortable and safest position. He straightened those short legs and slowly took his hands away from the boy’s nape.

Kyuhyun wanted to go back to the chair because he knew that he’ll be sleeping there after all –only perverted reader will think that Kyuhyun was going to sleep on the bed together with Sungmin, but sorry there’s still long way to go— but Kyuhyun froze on his feet to stare at the sleeping beauty. Kyuhyun couldn’t lie to himself. He knew that he’s indeed mesmerized by the beauty of the Snowelf prince he just sees this close, no more than a meter distance. This afternoon, he could only steal a glance to the boy, but here, he can see him clearly. No wonder they are called Snowelf, just look at the soft, snow white skin—cold like a drop of snow fallen from the sky.

The man shook his head. He has to remember that Sungmin is too young for him. The longer Kyuhyun stared at him, the clearer he saw his deceased daughter’s image.

He was staring at the boy for quite a while, reminiscing, and wondering how would his daughter look like if she grew this big—until he realized one thing.

Kyuhyun frowned as he leaned down and brushed away some hair that was covering Sungmin’s ear.

“Huh?” He’s pretty sure that elves have longer ears with pointed end. But Sungmin’s… looks normal, common like humans and demons in their normal form. But he’d swear, there’s no way his sense of smelling is wrong! This is the typical scent of the fairies, so there’s no doubt the boy is one. He won’t be having a Hviturland prince title if he’s not a fairy. Or probably there are some fairy who have this condition because they’re different?

Kyuhyun shrugged, it’s no use thinking about it. He got up from the bed and walked towards his chair without thinking twice; before he was tempted to stare at the boy until the morning. Kyuhyun was leaning on the chair when he noticed the table beside him is full of food, fresh and untouched.

He sighed again. It seems that his father was really planning for this.








After the sun sets, the big family of Radourland are gathering in the dining hall. The luxurious room is dominated by the color red and black, combined with some touch of white on the table and chairs. Kangin the king, with his consort along with five daughters and sons-in-law and also his grandchildren are sitting in their own seat. There’s a pair of empty seats there; Kyuhyun’s and his mate’s seats.

“Starting on tomorrow, all food should be served cooked—no raw food and also serve menus to Snowelf’s liking!” Kangin spoke to the butler loud enough on purpose, to gain his children’s attention. He’s trying to see how their response will be, and as he expected—most of them will show unpleased expression and sighed unhappily.

“Appa! If we’re having elves menu, we’ll be eating flowers! I don’t want to eat such disgusting thing!” Jessica answered first.

“So Snowelf eats flower? Pffttt—” one of Kangin’s son-in-law almost let out a laugh and got elbowed by his wife.

“I didn’t say that you have to eat their food too right Jessica?”

Jessica sulked.

“Can’t you imagine, Appa? Those flowers and fruits on the table will make us lose our appetite with such disgusting smell! Our food might also smell and taste like that! And you even told the servant to cook our food!”

Not even one of his sons-in-law say anything, but Kangin could also guess that they’re thinking the same.

“Appa, I understand about your decision, but please think of the children too. They’re still so young and have no idea about this.” Victoria caressed her youngest, four-years-old daughter’s head who’s sitting beside her. Kangin sighed.

“There’s no other choice, Victoria. I will not have him eat alone in the corner of the room with a separated table. As parents, you have to explain to your children that Kyuhyun’s mate has different ‘taste’ than us.” Kangin could see from the corner of his eye that Jessica was grumbling.

‘Che… that spoiled boy is only bringing bad luck!’ She’s whispering to her older sister beside her. Kangin faked a cough to get their attention again.

“I’ll make it clear to all of us, that the Snowelf Sungmin will be a part of our big family soon. Of course, he won’t be dining together with us until Kyuhyun claim him as his mate. I expect you to accept him as a part of our family well aside of our different races. Be mature.” The king’s command is absolute. They all know behind the wise and gentle speaking tone, there’s a strong figure of the wolf king who will not take any disobedience.

So although Jessica and his other daughters speak their mind sometimes, they know it’s all only that far. Kangin is not the type to be affected by someone’s opinion, even his daughters’ persuasion or coaxing never worked. Except Kyuhyun’s—Kangin’s beloved crown prince. Only Kyuhyun’s words have the possibility to be considered by the king.

“Never forget that as a part of Radourland family soon, the punishment of someone who’s trying to harm the Snowelf prince Sungmin who will be the crown prince’s mate—will apply as usual.” He’s staring hard at the big family as if threatening them.

Death punishment.

They knew it well.

Suddenly their food became sour and tasteless. The family members were glancing at each other without denying the king’s decision. The grandchildren are young and didn’t understand what the adults were talking about and continuing the dinner with their giggling and laughing at their cousins. The tense atmosphere was melted when Kangin laughed warmly.

“Hahahaa! Why are you getting so serious like that? Let’s enjoy our dinner tonight.” Kangin raised his wine glass up. The gesture was returned by his sons-in-law and the daughters with fake and awkward smiles.








Kyuhyun blinked then rubbed his nape. It was unusual for him to wake up with such uncomfortable weariness on his whole body. The worst is his cramped neck. He blinked a bit more before he’s completely conscious. Kyuhyun got up slowly, realizing he had spent the night in sitting position, leaning on the chair.

“Hoaahmm…” Kyuhyun yawned, feeling sluggish and tired. He scratched his head while looking around. His room is unusually dark but Kyuhyun knew from the scent that it’s morning already.

Why are the windows still closed?

Does his father forget to tell the magician to open the spell last night?

He sighed as he saw the bed. The boy is still lying unmoving on there. Honestly it made the other man quite relieved, at least he doesn’t have to listen the cries and smell of fear in this very morning.

At first, Kyuhyun didn’t feel like getting up from the chair because even if he does, he couldn’t go anywhere at all. The door and windows have been locked since last night, and most likely until now. Finding himself couldn’t go back to sleep and bored, Kyuhyun finally got up and walked closer to the window. He pushed it casually, not hoping for too much but—


Kyuhyun’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The window is opened!

The morning light came into the room and brightened it. Kyuhyun smiled then inhaled the fresh air deeply. He always likes the morning time. The bright sun seems to hide all the nasty darkness in this land until night comes. Kyuhyun was standing there for a while, enjoying the bird’s chirps and the smell of grass from afar—until he felt something. Kyuhyun blinked several times. A weird air can be felt in his room. He sniffed around then realized…

Kyuhyun turned back and in a blink of an eye, he reached the bedside.

Why didn’t he realize this sooner?

Kyuhyun leaned down and observing the fragile boy shivering, both of his eyes are closed, his face is pale, and sweats are streaming down his face and neck.

Kyuhyun swallowed hard. There was a strange desire in his heart to check the boy’s condition. Unconsciously, he did it without thinking twice. He touches the thin hand which is a lot smaller than his. He gasped as soon as his fingers touch the skin.

Cold. His hand is so cold. Is it even normal for a Snowelf to have this body temperature?

“Oh god…” Kyuhyun went panic instantly and took the boy onto his lap, checking his head and neck and then cursed. He’s burning. There were also stuttering from those pale lips saying ‘eomma’.

The prince sighed heavily and put the boy back carefully. He didn’t even realize that he was holding onto Sungmin’s hand tightly. There’s a fear he could feel inside though Kyuhyun won’t admit it as a worry. But in the end, he’d do anything to help the kid.

“Wait here, kid.” Kyuhyun brushed his head while his other hand is still holding on the Snowelf’s small hand, as if trying to transfer his power to heal the boy.

Without wasting time anymore, Kyuhyun dashed out off his room and slammed the door open, no longer care about the fact that the door is unlocked already.









Kyuhyun’s voice is echoing all the way to the palace hall.

“HEALER!” He yelled again until he reached into the crowded palace hall and realized that his yells attracted people’s attention. But Kyuhyun doesn’t care, even if he’s just disturbing an important meeting. From the king’s consort to all siblings and brothers-in-law are present. He doesn’t even have the time to think why he wasn’t asked to join the important meeting. There’s only one thing he’s currently thinking of now…

“Appa, lend me one of your healer! The kid is having a fever! His body is like boiling!” He’s telling about Sungmin condition in panic and realized he has been so impolite cutting in the middle of the formal meeting. Kyuhyun bowed in respect to his father before repeating the request politely.

Kangin was quite shocked with Kyuhyun’s arrival in sudden and panic, but he listened and nodded in agreement. Without thinking twice, he raised a hand then called, “Healer Hong, please follow my son. Heal the Snowelf with all you got.”

A fat middle-aged man who was sitting down with the other ministry suddenly got up to fulfill the king’s demand.

“Your Highness, I shall take my leave…” the healer bowed to Kangin then signed his two assistants in the back to follow him before following Kyuhyun who once again forgot about the manner and just left without asking for permission and thank you. However this misbehavior makes Kangin smirked happily instead of angry. But again, one or two of his daughter disturbed his little happiness.

“See, the little prince is getting troublesome and it’s just one day since his arrival, Appa!” Yoona pouted and Victoria also speaks her mind.

“I’ve said that you chose a wrong mate for Kyuhyun, Appa. The prince is too spoiled and weak, physically or mentally. How could you choose someone with many flaws like that—”

Kangin glared angrily to both of them and growled, “Shut up!” which made the entire hall quiet successfully. No one dared to let out a sound after that but the awkward air was suddenly disappeared because of the king’s laugh.

Kangin smiled mysteriously then turned to his consort, “it has been a while since I saw Kyuhyun so excited like that.”







“Be quick, healer!” Kyuhyun hissed impatiently. He’s forced to slow down his steps to wait for the healer.

“I-I’m really sorry, my prince.” The middle-aged man whispered with a bit fear of the gloomed expression of the crown prince. But it can’t be helped that he couldn’t move as fast as the prince with his short and fat body. He’s stepping in hurry while keeping balance so he won’t fall down. The impatient prince is now pushing his back a little, forcing the healer to move faster.

Two male assistants behind them are following Kyuhyun nervously. One of them is bringing a bag of medicines and the other is bringing the medical equipments.

In the corridor towards his room, Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes wondering why the servants and maids are gathering in front of the opened door. They’re trying to peek or take a look into the room but dare not to step a foot inside. No one would dare, because it’s Kyuhyun’s room. But obviously there’s something that probably tempted them to gather there. Kyuhyun is suspicious but there’s more important thing which dismissed his thought of those servants’ weird behavior.

“What are you doing here!” Kyuhyun barked angrily at the crowd which spontaneously made them shocked.

“Get away from here!”

The sight of the crown prince standing there and glaring fiercely at them, they started to disperse by bowing deeply and fearfully to Kyuhyun. An angry Kyuhyun is not someone you want to deal with. The crowd disappeared in quickly. The delicious smell that coming off from the prince room became unappetizing suddenly, because for sure their lives is much more important than a piece of fine meat.

Kyuhyun snorted as he walked into his room along with the healer and the assistants. He pushed the curtains aside and made a displeased sound when he saw the boy’s trembling even more. He took one of Sungmin’s cold hand into his and checked his forehead once more. Kyuhyun sighed in despair.

“Check him now!” Kyuhyun commanded the healer impatiently. Without being asked to, healer Hong has been busy searching for something in his medicines bag. Kyuhyun was observing the healer even if most of his attention is on the trembling boy on the bed.

Kyuhyun also didn’t realize when the healer stole some glances to Sungmin nervously, his big nose was sniffing obviously. He swallowed hard trying to keep his sanity being this close to the boy.

The tempting fragrance of flesh coming out from the Snowelf is making the healer shaking a bit when he lifted the small wrist; trying hard not to lick the pale skin. Not while the prince is here.

And he’s also wondering how could this young man act like there’s no big deal being this close to the Snowelf?

“H-his hand is so cold, Your Majesty!” Hong tried to look panic. “I need to handle this as soon as possible!”

“Well sure! Go on!” Kyuhyun nodded impatiently; standing there to observe the healing process. He’s planning to stay while the healer doing his job but the old man is shaking his head nervously.

“U-umm, you should wait outside Your Majesty.” The healer whispered, quite uncertain with his request. This is the first time he tell a prince—a crown prince—what to do.

“Why do I have to?” Kyuhyun frowned; unwilling.

“I’m deeply sorry, Sir. But I can’t concentrate to heal him quickly if I’m being watched by a lot of people.” This time the lie is spoken even more convincing from the healer lips. Kyuhyun also didn’t realize it and only nodded in response.

Kyuhyun gazed at Sungmin’s pale face once again.

“Do your job quickly, I’ll be waiting outside.” Kyuhyun turned back and walked out of the room unwillingly. He heard the healer hissed at his assistants to get out of the room too. The prince raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Healer Hong is acting a bit weird today.


Kyuhyun frowned when he heard the sound of his door locked from the inside. Is it necessary to lock the door?

“Does he usually check on the patient alone?” Kyuhyun turned to the assistants standing a bit far from him; like keeping some distance.

The boys who turned out to be twins exchanged glances nervously when the prince talked to them until one of them decide to make a sound and answer, “N-no, Your Majesty. Probably this patient is having a worse illness than usual.”

Kyuhyun nodded again, although deep inside he’s still unsure. There’s something bothering him and made him feel anxious. But this is really weird. Kyuhyun remembered the way those servants made a crowd in front of his room earlier.

What were they doing?

Kyuhyun looked up to the hallway ceiling while brooding. It feels familiar. Kyuhyun remembers… the same thing had happened once, but it was long ago. It was before he claimed his wife, there were a lot of people trying to get close to his wife—the servants, his sisters, and also his brothers-in-law. It was probably because his wife was from human race and the land people smelled her like a prey instinctively. Kyuhyun didn’t feel the same so he still doesn’t get it until now.

Does the same thing also applied to Snowelf?

The question suddenly came to Kyuhyun mind and right after that Kyuhyun eyes widened in realization.

“Oh no.” Kyuhyun hissed under his breath and without thinking twice, Kyuhyun broke down the door with a kick.

Hong was startled with the sudden commotion and stopped from whatever he did since then. But it was too late because Kyuhyun already saw it—when the healer was licking and sucking Sungmin’s hand slowly, tasting it to his heart content from the wrist to the top of his fingers, moaning lustfully.

Kyuhyun almost forgot when was the last time he felt so angry. By the time he came to his mind, the healer body was on air and hit the wall roughly then fell to the floor. Kyuhyun’s breaths are harsh from remembering the scene he’s just witnessing earlier. This old healer was licking Sungmin’s small hands, ready to devour him anytime…

“How dare you!” Kyuhyun growled in wrath. He lifted the fat body high with a hand. If he wanted to, he could tear this body apart easily with his claws and fangs.

“Please, Your Majesty—have some mercy on me! I-I-I’m so sorry!” Hong begged pathetically in terror. His voice is a bit choked because of his collar Kyuhyun gripped tightly. His legs are kicking in the air and the old man feels like the death is just a second away seeing those red angry eyes and infuriated expression on the prince face. But once again the fat body was thrown to the air and hit the broken door.

“AARGHHH!”  the healer was writhing in pain on the floor. He’s sure that his back bone and ribs were broken. But he’s still alive.

“Get lost! You’ll get your punishment later.” Kyuhyun hissed while kicking the man mercilessly; still unsatisfied of his wrath. He’s actually trying so hard to control his temper for this man.

Even though Kyuhyun wanted the man to disappear from his sight right away, he knew the old man could not go like that. He couldn’t even move too much.

Kyuhyun snorted then turned to the twins who have been standing in fear with no guts to help their master.

“You, take him away from here. And you, bring me a bowl of hot water and a cloth. NOW!” He pointed to each of them a to-do list.

Both of the boys bowed obediently and moved their trembling body to do as their told as fast as they could.

“Damn it!” Kyuhyun cursed. He turned to the unconscious boy to check his condition. The Snowelf is still in one piece, nothing loss—only his right hand, wet of the old man’s saliva. Kyuhyun made a disgusted face when he smelled the disgusting stench from the hand.

“You really can’t be left alone, kid.” Kyuhyun pouted while pouring the jug water to his hands. Although he’s pouting and grumbling, Kyuhyun cleaned the boy’s hand well and thoroughly until no more disgusting smell left.

“Y-your Majesty…”

Kyuhyun turned to see the boy came with the things he requested quickly. His worn-out clothes is wet on the stomach area. He must have been running while bringing the water.

Kyuhyun chuckled a bit, feeling sorry for the innocent boy who had to see him in such anger mode.

“You may go now.” He ordered the boy with a thin smile which was replied by a deep bow from the boy.

After the boy disappeared from his sight, Kyuhyun closed the broken door and locked it uselessly—but he still keep a chair behind it casually for no reason even if he’s sure nobody would come here, including his father.

Kyuhyun just wanted to make sure of that because it will be so embarrassing for him if there’s anyone would see whatever he’s going to do later—

Kyuhyun put the water bowl under the bed then the brown-eyed prince took off his clothes. Kyuhyun sat beside the bet toplessly, staring at the boy who’s not even stirred from all those commotion. Is it so bad that he couldn’t even hear all those noises? He knew Sungmin is really sick, but Kyuhyun just couldn’t trust anyone right now, not even a healer.

There’s no way. Kyuhyun swallowed and started to take off Sungmin’s clothes, exposing the pale belly skin slowly. Now both of them are topless, with obvious body difference—the young teen is soft and slim whereas Kyuhyun is hard and muscled.

Kyuhyun was shaking his head with closed eyes—trying to shake off those weird whispers and imaginations that just crossed his mind. Kyuhyun is not doing this for any ulterior motive at all.

“I don’t want to do this but there’s no other choice. You owe me one, kid.” Kyuhyun tried to defense himself from the guilt.

He squeezed and wiped Sungmin’s face gently with the warm cloth.

‘I’ll just think of it as a chance to feel how it is to take care of my own child.’

Kyuhyun folded the cloth and put it on Sungmin’s forehead. This is the only thing he learned to take care of fever from his deceased wife.


Kyuhyun smiled sadly and lied down beside the boy. He moved closer nervously and pulled the thin kid into his embrace carefully, until his chest met the boy’s bare back which is hot from the fever. Kyuhyun closed his eyes.

“It’s a good thing that you’re a boy. If you’re my own daughter, there’s no way I can do this to you…” He grumbled mostly to himself while keeping the cloth stay on Sungmin’s head.











We wrote this together, and both of us can do it only on our free time, and we just ask one thing for further translate and update. Leave your lovely comment :)


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